The Difference Between Online News And Offline News

In the past time, people used to read the newspaper for staying updated with the news. In contrast, now the online news portals have come into the limelight. In these days, the majority of the people prefer the online news services over the offline methods of collecting the news.

Well, there are many reasons behind such huge popularity. The online news services offer information along with the Telugu news headlines. By reading the headlines, we can get an idea about the main content of a news article.


If we want to read the newspaper for collecting the news, then it requires a little amount. The newspapers are paid. On the flip side of this, the online news portal doesn’t require any amount for checking out the news articles. Thus, the online news is cheap and also the biggest reason behind the huge use of such an option. telugu tv channels

Latest news

The online news portals are able to provide the latest news with the exclusive pictures. We can stay updated with the latest news easily. If we talk about the newspaper, then it takes a lot of time to deliver the news to people.

The process of using the online news portals is easy to follow by anyone. It offers several facilities at the one place as we can read the news as well as watch the videos related to the news. However, we have to switch the offline medium of collecting news in order to watch the videos.